AEGIC Oat Products EOI Lodgement Platform

Expressions of Interest (EOI) lodgement platform for AEGIC's exclusive IP assets for a new versatile “healthy eating” product on offer.

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What is the opportunity?

An opportunity exists for a food manufacturer, food brand owner or food investor group, to expand their healthy plant-based product offering in in Australian domestic and export markets.



AEGIC is an independent, not-for-profit company established in 2012. AEGIC specialises in early-stage R&D and pilot scale food innovation to encourage investment in value-added grain products and services.



The Intellectual Property on offer relate to new products made from Australian Oats. Australian oats are high in beta glucan, offering superior health benefits over traditional products.



This technology can move oats beyond a product eaten at breakfast into an option for lunch, dinner and snacks.



The innovative processing and product manufacturing “know-how” overcomes technical challenges to improve processing and lengthen shelf-life, and to increase sensory and nutritional qualities of the oat -based products compared to existing products in the market.


You are allowed to submit an EOI for each one of the products.



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Impact Innovation is a specialist innovation and commercialisation consultancy. We are working with AEGIC on this commercialisation initiative.